Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqis Decide Their Own Future...Democrats Whine

It's a great day to be an Iraqi, an American, or George W. Bush.. Who in my opinion has secured his place in history as one of the great presidents of our time. That's right Mr. Clinton, a real legacy. Freedom and democracy had it's first REAL chance to shine in a Muslim country on Sunday. I hope they all fall to democracy like dominoes. The turnout for voters is expected to be around 72% after the numbers are added up. Some 8 million Iraqis voted even in the very real threat of certain death. This is huge. This may be bigger than what we can tell so far.

So do the democrats finally jump on board, maybe decide to swallow their pride and unite on what is good for America and the world at large? No, it's time to pout and whine......Harder than usual.
Check out this absolutely outrageous reaction from the intelligent minds over at the mindless site where no alternative voice is even allowed. And then we have this piece from the latest democrat failure John Kerry. He insinuates that Americans are simply overhyping the election results. Praise God that this man isn't in the White House right now.

Finally, try out this blog from an Iraqi in the heart of the historical vote...And then tell me if we are overhyping this major event.

"The Iraq elections are Teddy Kennedy's Vietnam."--John Podhoretz

Congratulations Iraq! What a day to be proud of your sacrifice and courage in the face of death.

Aaron S.

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