Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Dumbest People Hate Bush

Have you ever noticed how the person yapping to you about how Bush is too dumb to run the country is always the biggest bumbling idiot? It's always some twixter who still lives in his parents basement and rolls out of bed at the crack of noon to go work his 5 hour a day job at some overpriced coffee shop. And he's all up in your face about how Karl Rove is running the country and how Bush can't talk right....Meanwhile he's a six year junior at some university and he's putting a foam on your grande expresso...While Bush has two degrees, one from Harvard, One from Yale, he's been a successful oil entrepreneuer and the owner of a major league baseball team, all before becoming the governor of one of the biggest states in the union and then on to being a very popular two term president. Hey dude...Just hand me my Frapachino and then go and make sure the napkin dispensers are refilled for the after dinner crowd......Thank you.....very much.


Buster Stronghart said...

Let's see: Bush is smart. Well, probably at some level he may be smarter than you or me--but let's look at his record: (1) successful oil entrepreneur--not one of his oil companies made money and he was repeatedly bailed out by his father's friends. (2) Baseball team owner--he should have been good at this. After all, he was financed again by Daddy's friends. (3) governor -- Texas still has one of the lowest educational records in the country, in spite of his promise to bring it up to standard. Now, if you still think that there is actually a social security crisis on the basis of his word, Id like to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. The "Crisis" is a shame foisted on us by two forces--1. people who never got over FDR saving the country from ruin and who hink that Social Security is socialism.

Aaroncoal said...

You might have lost the point of my post here. I'm only trying to point out the fact that those who call Bush dumb, are so often the biggest doofuses. The irony becomes thick.

By the way..To say that Social Security is doing ok is just a silly ridiculous thing. It's doing ok for the next 50 years, after that we have trouble brewing... but I wouldn't describe that as a real success. It needs work and soon. Those who say Social Security isn't broken are only trying to avoid Bush getting yet another notch in his belt towards his already impressive legacy.

Buster Stronghart said...

(continued) and who think that social security weakens the moral fiber of the American people. The second force is Wall Streeters who can't wait to get their hands on the huge sums of money that will be diverted from Social Security. Ask your Dad whether he wants to give up his SS. Ask your grandfather too.

You've been fooled by the big lie, by Rush, Hannity and Company, and by twenty years of republican propaganda that has taken effect.

Of course, in Russia, before the revolution there were millions of serfs who thought that the Czar was the greatest--just like you think that Bush is great.

Aaroncoal said...

Ah yes, my favorite liberal tactic....when all else fails make Bush look like a mad evil dictator, a russian czar, Hitler, or ghengis kahn.

It's as predictable as the sunset.

See my above comment about SS.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that there is a crisis in SS. The baby boomers are getting closer and closer to collecting - smaller population paying in, retirees living (collecting) longer. At some point decision will have to be made to reduce spending (cut benefits, or at least slow down increases) or raise income (increase taxes on those who are working) Privitation of at least part of account may increase the benefits. Misfortunately, politicians in congress are more interested in getting reelected now than to fix a problem that may be 10 years or so down the road.

markerfactory said...

What's the asking price for that bridge?

Cristina said...

Dudes here ,please calm down before you all have astroke lol.I find the post funny and I acually agree with it.I just thought it was s funny
By the way I`m from TTR