Saturday, January 29, 2005

The 4 List

Things that you should check out..

  • -- So many email forwards go around everyday with the most outrageous claims. is the place to go and find out if these claims are true or Mooreish (that's my new term for a lie).
  • CD Tradepost -- The new franchise used cd store that has opened in Wichita is great. It's the perfect place for audiophiles like me. They know my name in there already. If you have one in your town...go to it. Cheap CD's, good prices...HINT: check the "new arrivals" bin first...the good stuff is in there.
  • Condi Rice -- She's got fat drunk men, feminazis, and former KKK grand wizards all up in her face, and she's holding her own very well. I hope she goes up to Barbara Boxer and just gives her one of those Three Stooges double eye pokes.
  • Hud -- A movie I just discovered from the 60's staring Paul Newman that is very cool. It's about Hud(Paul Newman) rebelling against lifes rules in a small town. It's a great movie. Paul Newman was a cool guy...too bad he turned into a mindless liberal.

"The 4 List" is my new feature of what I love for the month .

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