Friday, December 24, 2004

What I want for Christmas

* I'd like for church janitor to be considered the most prestigious occupation in the world...second only to volunteer internet addict.

* I'd like world peace...that never being possible, I'd like the U.S. to kick some serious terrorist rear end.

* I'd like my car to be randomly chosen by one of those shows that do surprise revamps on ugly cars. On second thought I'd just like my car to keep running for another year...because I don't need a 2,000,000 watt amp in the back of my "g-ride".

* I want reality TV to be outlawed and I want Jeff Probst from Survivor to be forced to publicly apologize for single-handedly ruining good TV forever. Also The guy who hosts fear factor should be publicly flogged.

* I want Wichita to tear down Joyland. Studies have shown that very little "joy" was ever experienced on that land.

* I want Wichita to teach Mayor Carlos Mayans how to properly say Wichita.

* I want it to be able to play with Legos at age 26 and still be considered cool


*I want everyone to have a great Christmas.

Aaron S.

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