Monday, December 20, 2004

The way things ought to be

First off..As you can see I changed the name of my blog to something more suitable.

But on to the subject at hand. Here's is how the government would be if I were in charge..

* Immediately the tax code would be shredded, burned, and then the ashes would be tossed in the ocean and a 15-20% flat tax would be adopted. That means that there would be no more tax forms to fill out..You take 15% of your income at the end of the year and give it to the government. A bunch of politicians would be out of work...But good, that's the idea, small government is good government. To make it more fair for the poorest among us, no one making less than $24,999 dollars would pay taxes. This is a logical, easy system that will NEVER be adopted by Washington because too many politicians love power and money.

* Congress and the president would adopt a pay-as-you-go system. They do not create a new bill, build a new statue, or even sneeze without first ensuring that it is paid for and funded in advance. This would eliminate the national debt in probably 3,000 years. Hopefully I'm well gone by then. But pay-as-you-go is the only thing that makes sense.

* Any attack on American soil would be met with fierce and unrelenting attacks on the country who sponsors such a thing. There would not be 12 resolutions in between the time when we attack. Like Churchill said, we strike first and we strike hard. The only thing the government would be allowed to spend crazy money on would be the military. We as a country would give up some of our luxuries during wartime just like they did in WWII. As Sean Hannity always says, we are the greatest most powerful country in the world, and we have abused it the least of anyone, historically and in the present.

* America would wean itself off of the U.N. until we are out completely. The U.N. now stands for United Nothings. They have stood idly by while millions and millions have died at the hands of evil people. They not only stood silent watching men, women, and children die, they have taken kick backs from dictators while the innocent deaths were happening. France was taking money from Saddam Hussein...Money that was supposed to feed the starving people of Iraq. The U.N. hates America and Israel and will NEVER and I mean NEVER allow America or Israel to defend itself. Some of the countries in the U.N. don't even put Israel on maps...They don't even acknowlege Israel's right to exist...They have even supported Arafat's notion that they be shoved into the sea. America being in the U.N. is like a black man being in the KKK. It makes no sense. We kick them out of New York and we combine with coalition of the willing to make a union of nations that WILL fight injustice, because The U.N. is a playland for evil dictators and despots...nothing more.

I think the moral of my wishlist for America is true compassionate conservativism. Caring for others on a personal level...Not creating government mediocrity for all.

Well, I hope President Bush is reading my blog.

I'll add more to this wishlist in the weeks to come..

Any comments?

Aaron S.


metromode said...

what? nothing on social security? surely the nose has an idea about that.

Aaroncoal said...

I do, I do...but I have to save some stuff for The Way Things Ought To Be Pt. II, or else I'll run out of postable material before I come up with new stuff.

If you know me than you know that I have opinions on way too much stuff.

Anonymous said...

A flat tax is a great idea, but you'd have to have a phase-in rather than a strict cutoff at 24,999. If you make 25K, your net would be 15% less than someone making 24999, so no incentive to work any harder...

Aaroncoal said...

Well I see your point, but I want to find every method I can to avoid re-distribution of wealth. Maybe a phase in is the only way.