Friday, December 17, 2004


This made me angry. It's a photo from the popular punk band Green Day....

I think this may have been custom made by one person... But still, Can you imagine if it had a Muslim, a Buddhist or even a Jewish person depicted. It would have made national news. The persecution of American Christians is getting less and less subtle. We have it great in this country so far. I can't help but feel for those Christians that are in countries where you can't even worship in the open. But I still think that we Americans must get ready for what is coming...I believe that the next generation of Americans may not have it as good as we do now. I encourage everyone to pray for our nation as well as the nations that are already experiencing full blown persecution. And know that no matter what happens we will survive..Not only survive, but we have already won the race! They can take our bodies but our souls are already spoken for!!


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