Monday, December 13, 2004

My Recomendations

Man, this is going to be hard sometimes coming up with quality material to post. But I will do it!
Let me recommend to everyone some of my favorite things that I think you might enjoy. I have the best taste of anyone I know...or so I've told myself. This may be a regular feature....who knows?


Sam Cooke: Portrait Of A Legend 1951-1964
This is probably my favorite cd of all time, and I have around 500 cd's (I'm addicted). Sam Cooke is the king of Soul music, there simply is no one better. I grew up listening to "Cupid" and "Sad Mood" and so many others that just relax me and get me in a good mood. This cd is probably the best greatest hits that I have ever seen. It has his big hits and the best rarities that Mr. Cooke put out. His music career was only 13 years long after his life was cut short in a tragic way.

Fernando Ortega -- Home
I have found no better contemporary Christian singer than Fernando Ortega. He can do the newer sounding contemporary stuff, plus he is best known for doing old hymns and keeping them in their pure form. I love old hymns, they take me back to a better time and place. I simply haven't found a bad Fernando Ortega cd. He just appeals to the quiet part of me. On this album his rendition of "Pass Me Not" is breathtaking and his big hit "Give Me Jesus" is so simple and thought provoking. Go buy it today!


Tombstone -- Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, and Bill Paxton
Ok, so it's a guy movie. This is the story of Wyatt Earp and his life during and after the incedent at the O.K. Coral. This movie is far from acurate to the real story, But this classic has remained my favorite movie of all time for years and years. There are so many memorable lines("I'm your huckleberry"). I know quite a bit about the life of Wyatt Earp, and even though this movie is inaccurate in its portrayal, it still gets big thumbs up in my book.

Big Fish -- Ewan Mcgregor, Albert Finney
I just had a good time watching this movie. It's about a aged dying father who spent a life telling stories to his family and friends, big stories that he told everyone were real. His son eventually distrusted his father because he believed the stories to be false as he grew up. As his father lay dying, the son begins research to find out if his father is a fake or not. It's really just a fun movie, and I recommend it.

I think I'll leave it there. I'll post some of my favorite books in the near future...I'm sure you all will be waiting with anxious anticipation for that.

See ya round.

Aaron S.

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