Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Know Your Blogger

Fun Facts about the maker of this blog...

* He once got trapped in a truck stop bathroom for 30 minutes when he couldn't figure how to get out of the locked stall.

* He still remembers a dream he had at age 4 where cookie monster grew fangs and chased him up and down Sesame Street. Sometimes he has flash backs of this and hides under his covers.

* He didn't even know what BLOG stood for until he looked it up last night..pathetic.

* Being a huge hypochondriac since age 3, he once freaked out at a very young age because he was convinced that he had ovarian cancer after seeing a story about it on tv, obviously not knowing that he doesn't even have ovaries.

* He doesn't do drugs or drink, but he does have an unnatural addiction to chewing on paper.

* When God was handing out noses, somehow he accidently got in line twice.

* He won't eat barbecue chips because once in 10th grade he ate an entire bag of them in one sitting and spent the rest of the night with his head buried in the toilet talking to the seals.

* He has a terrible fear of flying and gets nervous even looking at planes, yet has been known to tell people that he would have no problem skydiving from a plane and is looking forward to doing it someday...what a liar.

* He cheats on video games.

* One time in 5th grade he was talking in front of the class in Sunday School and sneezed.....at least 4 people were seen wiping off their faces in the front row. He wanted to crawl under his chair.

* He once was spanked 4 times in a row for refusing to eat carrots and still never gave in.

* He still has terrible memories of walking home crying after being kicked in the crotch by a girl after school.

* He can smell danger.

More fun facts in the near future.......

Aaron S.


Aaroncoal said...

How does this person know so much about me?

Aaroncoal said...

I don't recall that you were trapped in a bathroom stall, but I do remember that 4 spankings for not eating green beans. You won that fight.

markerfactory said...

What about that one time the blogger bent over during dinner and farted infront of the whole family? That's always a good one.