Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Get U.S. Out Of The U.N.

The U.N. is a horribly corrupt organization that is basically bankrupt when it comes to real power.
I'm still doing research on the matter...but it's not hard to find out that Kofi Annan the head honcho over at the U.N., plus scores of other nations, were all taking kick backs from Saddam Hussein up until he was captured.

Basically, the U.N. agreed to sanction Saddam back in 1991 after the first gulf war. In 1996 we realized that the people of Iraq were the real victims since Saddam was doing just fine personally but he was starving his people. So we created the Oil For Food program. Iraq would be allowed to exchange oil exports for food and other humanitarian items.

Well the U.N., whose purpose is to support freedom and humanity across the globe, began to take bribes from Saddam in exchange for money in Saddam's personal pocket.

This is huge! These idiots were getting rich off the death of starving Iraqis.

Here is a list of individuals from nations that took bribes. From what I understand most of the bribes were in cash, and even some countries were given oil fields.

Read more here.

Even without the Oil For Food scandal the U.N. has sat idly by while millions have been murdered by dictators and tyrants. They ignored the plight of the Iraqis so they could line their own deep pockets. They refused to go to war with us, only, and I mean only, because they wanted to continue to receive their kick backs from Saddam.

Right now the U.N. is twiddling their thumbs while the Sudanese are dying daily. America cannot police all the world at one time. But what we can do is get the heck out of dodge...start our own non-corrupt union of nations...and kick some serious dictator butt all over the world. If we had a huge international military of the willing, we'd be in great shape. Hopefully our greedy politicians here in America will get some heart and a backbone. Until then Let's pray that the U.N., which we support financially more than any other far, will die out. The U.N. only stands for United Nothings in my book at this time.

Aaron S.


Anonymous said...

If you want the U.S. to pull out of the U.N., that's fine. But don't go off and then say that we had to invade Iraq to enforce U.N. resolutions.

gar said...

Your opinion is your opinion and I understand that everybody has one. However, I think the reason other countries didn't join the U.S. in attacking the nation of Iraq is a bit more complicated than you have stated.

First of all, the war was not pursued to gain rights and liberties for Iraqis, no matter how noble a cause that may well be. The war was justified to the American people and to the world as an effort to control the development and deployment of weapons of mass destruction. The "intelligence" used to this end was known by the CIA,the Bush Administration and other countries around the globe to be from boogus and unreliable sources.

The Bush Administration told falsehoods to the public they represented as did the British government. Other countries - except for a few minor countries bribed by the U.S. - refused to do so. And no, I'm not forgetting Poland. If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed, with the exception of England, these countries have two things in common: the first is, they committed few if any troops. The second is that as soon as the shit hit they fan, they pulled out and went home.

What the war in Iraq is really about is what all wars are about - money. It is really very simple and not in the least noble. Any time any nation attacks another nation, it is always about money. It is only the defending nation that is entitled to even a little "nobility." And I'm sorry to say, that ain't us.

Speaking of books from the liberal press and you being from Kansas, have you read the one called "The Trouble with Kansas." Now there is an interesting book. It explains how neoconservatives can get people who seem to be otherwise intelligent to vote against their own future and financial well-being. I highly recommend it.

Aaroncoal said...

You made some strange accusations. If you are going to put forth rumors about us bribing countries you probably ought to have some sort of documentation saying so(hopefully real documentation).

All wars are for money?

Not true. The proof being that we are losing more money on this war than you can even believe...and we knew that going into it. The War On Terror is not going to turn a never was.
And WWII was certainly not a money making endeavor. I'd say almost all wars are fought over principles...not money.

Lay off the Michael'll make you go blind.