Saturday, December 25, 2004


A list of a few of the websites I visit almost daily.... Best News.. Matt Drudge is one of my heroes. See upcoming concert listings in your city for the next year. My favorite rightwing loudmouth...she's brilliant. Find out which rumors and urban legends are real and which ones are totally fake. The funniest blog of all time and the inspiration for this one. Find out the latest music news. Just like it sounds, updated daily for bored people. Must find out what's going on with the Weez. Lots of rightwing op/ed's on one page. More rightwing news and message boards. More stuff for bored people...updated each Friday. Hilarious satire newspaper. (Warning: often has adult language) The best place to find articles on Creationism and refuting evolution. The most fair and balanced news out joke. Best...Radioshow....Ever!! Hilarious! Let's me know which tv shows will be released on to DVD.

More later....


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