Thursday, December 23, 2004

The ACLU is evil

I cannot believe the ACLU. This is the most dispicable organization to ever invade this country. They are attempting to dismantle Christ right out of Christmas all over this land. They are also attacking any school that attempts to give the slightest suggestion that possibly evolution is not the only theory for our existance out there...even "intelligent design" which has nothing to do with religion, is attacked by these hateful libs.

Believe it or not there are even stories that local ACLU chapters have supported banning green and red in public places because those colors represent Christmas which "supports religion".

Please click here to tell the ACLU that the constitution guarentees "Freedom OF religion" not Freedom FROM religion.

If I ever became a serious politician I would not rest until the ACLU was left powerless. It is nothing but a liberal front group that hates Christians, conservatives, or anyone else that doesn't think just like them...They hide behind a thin disguise pretending to uphold the constitution...when really they use activist judges to rewrite law because they are unable to win at the ballot box. They are cowards. It's ridiculous...and they will be the ones that will, and already are, laying the foundations for what will be the persecution that is coming to this great land...mark my words. They are enemies of Christ.

It makes me angry, but, that all being said, it doesn't suprise me or give me anxiety over my future...because I know the creator and I know the end of the story before it has even happened!

Let's keep our heads up...we still win in the end!

Aaron S.


Anonymous said...

Las Vegas: ACLU Defends Street Preachers[The American Civil Liberties Union] in recent months has turned a small band of street preachers into unlikely symbols of free speech — fighting, sometimes in noisy confrontations with police and casinos, for the preachers' right to spread the gospel on the Las Vegas Strip.

The preachers openly despise the ACLU, which they view as an insufferably liberal institution, albeit one that had lately seemed like their only friend in town.
As for "Intelligent Design", I wonder if trying to get it into our schools might be ultimately self-defeating. Surely, if we get ID into school science classes, some bright students will start to ask who the designer is, how design was done, when it happened (or happens), or any question that might suggest an actual avenue of investigation.

ID is designed as an umbrella under which creationists of all variety can coexist, and it does so only by being deliberately hazy about all these issues. Presenting the entire "theory" as a single passive-voice sentence - "some people think life was designed" - seems suspiciously brief and terse. When the time quickly arrives to expand on this statement, fill in some details, that's when the curriculum should get interesting.

These backdoor threats are worth bearing in mind. No, creationism has no hope of defeating science head-on, but they know that. They also know that a majority of Americans believe in a god (though the flavors vary), many of those people sense that their god and science are at odds, and faced with the requirement to choose between them, science is far easier to discard than faith. As Robert Bolt said, "Belief isn't merely an idea the mind possesses, but rather it's an idea that possesses the mind".

For most people, discarding their belief is about as voluntary as changing their sexual orientation. Discarding science is a snap - most of them don't know what it is anyway.

Aaroncoal said...

The ACLU spends their entire time spitting on christians and then one time they shake a Christians hand and that's supposed to change our minds about them? The example left a few select others are are used everytime someone tries to justify the ACLU's existance to a's a well planned out smoke screen. Every so often they pick a Christian cause to be used so that people on message boards can make it seem that the ACLU cares for all people...don't believe it. There are endless amounts of anti-christian causes taken up by the ACLU...some of which would take your breath away at how hateful and spiteful towards Christians....There are about 7 articles on good things that the ACLU has done for Christians. (which are used as arguments that the ACLU loves all....I've seen all these articles in my debates with the left. I've seen the one used here several times already this month.) Even Hitler opened the door for someone and said please and thank you every so often.

As for intelligent design. You cannot be serious. If a could asks who is the intelligent designer all the teacher has to say is "determine that for yourself" or "I don't know".

The TRUTH should be taught in schools not fantasy. There are more theories that hold water besides evolution but in order to brainwash youth...we teach them evolution...ONLY.

Show them all possiblities.

Naturalistic Macro-evolution WILL be COMPLETELY abandoned in the next 80 years...mark my words...and I guarentee you that the aclu will still be trying to force it to be taught in schools.

Either give us school vouchers...or let the truth be taught.