Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Get U.S. Out Of The U.N.

The U.N. is a horribly corrupt organization that is basically bankrupt when it comes to real power.
I'm still doing research on the matter...but it's not hard to find out that Kofi Annan the head honcho over at the U.N., plus scores of other nations, were all taking kick backs from Saddam Hussein up until he was captured.

Basically, the U.N. agreed to sanction Saddam back in 1991 after the first gulf war. In 1996 we realized that the people of Iraq were the real victims since Saddam was doing just fine personally but he was starving his people. So we created the Oil For Food program. Iraq would be allowed to exchange oil exports for food and other humanitarian items.

Well the U.N., whose purpose is to support freedom and humanity across the globe, began to take bribes from Saddam in exchange for money in Saddam's personal pocket.

This is huge! These idiots were getting rich off the death of starving Iraqis.

Here is a list of individuals from nations that took bribes. From what I understand most of the bribes were in cash, and even some countries were given oil fields.

Read more here.

Even without the Oil For Food scandal the U.N. has sat idly by while millions have been murdered by dictators and tyrants. They ignored the plight of the Iraqis so they could line their own deep pockets. They refused to go to war with us, only, and I mean only, because they wanted to continue to receive their kick backs from Saddam.

Right now the U.N. is twiddling their thumbs while the Sudanese are dying daily. America cannot police all the world at one time. But what we can do is get the heck out of dodge...start our own non-corrupt union of nations...and kick some serious dictator butt all over the world. If we had a huge international military of the willing, we'd be in great shape. Hopefully our greedy politicians here in America will get some heart and a backbone. Until then Let's pray that the U.N., which we support financially more than any other far, will die out. The U.N. only stands for United Nothings in my book at this time.

Aaron S.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Don't Forget To Pray For Asia.

This is the biggest natural disaster that has happened to the earth in possibly over 100 years. Pray hard, This may be only the beginning. Even the earth's rotation was altered.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Aaron's Undeniable Truths

Based loosely on Rush Limbaugh's 30 undeniable truths.

* There is a God..He is all powerful.

* Wheat bread is so much better than white.

* No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.

* Hockey is so much more fun to watch than baseball.

* Hearing politicians tell us "we" can't "afford" a tax cut is like listening to a glutton tell you he can't "afford" a diet. In no other context do people talk about "paying for" money they don't have. I can't pay for your refusal to give me money because I need a yacht. -- Ann Coulter

* Each of us are standing in the palm of God's hand, most of us don't even realize that.

* Liberalism stems from ignorance

* Ronald Reagan is the best president of the 20th century.

* Attending Church is not optional for a Christian...according to the Bible.

* Abortion is murder.

* The hamburger is the single greatest food of all time.

* People who smoke are among the least brightest people on the earth.

* The ACLU is evil and will be the organization that sets the foundation for Christian persecution in America.

* American's are too fat...Hey, can someone hand me that twinkie?

* Rap music is as a whole terrible, country music as a whole is terrible.

* Homosexuality is a sin.

* Quentin Terintino is the most overrated film maker of our time.

* Adam Sandler hasn't made a funny movie since Happy Gilmore.

* U2 is a terrible band.

* George W. Bush is the right man for the job, he will go down in the history books as one of the greats.

* We've finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism, and they don't want to fight it. They would, except it would put them on the same side as the United States. -- Ann Coulter

* Soy Chocolate Milk isn't half bad.

* Cleaning toilets is way easier and much more pleasant than cleaning windows.

* The Passion was one of the most beautifully made and truthful movies of all time.

* You could afford your house without your government - if it weren't for your government. -- Rush Limbaugh

* A warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk is one of the greatest combinations of all time. It's the closest thing to heaven on earth that can be had.

* Barry White had himself a deep voice.

* Brian Regan is probably the funniest comedian ever. Tim B. can back me up on that one.

* I have a crush on 3 different girls right now.

* Jesus Christ is our first, last, and only hope.

* Elvis was fat when he died.

Undeniable indeed!

Aaron S.

You Know It's Gonna Be A Bad Day When....


Saturday, December 25, 2004


A list of a few of the websites I visit almost daily.... Best News.. Matt Drudge is one of my heroes. See upcoming concert listings in your city for the next year. My favorite rightwing loudmouth...she's brilliant. Find out which rumors and urban legends are real and which ones are totally fake. The funniest blog of all time and the inspiration for this one. Find out the latest music news. Just like it sounds, updated daily for bored people. Must find out what's going on with the Weez. Lots of rightwing op/ed's on one page. More rightwing news and message boards. More stuff for bored people...updated each Friday. Hilarious satire newspaper. (Warning: often has adult language) The best place to find articles on Creationism and refuting evolution. The most fair and balanced news out joke. Best...Radioshow....Ever!! Hilarious! Let's me know which tv shows will be released on to DVD.

More later....


Friday, December 24, 2004

What I want for Christmas

* I'd like for church janitor to be considered the most prestigious occupation in the world...second only to volunteer internet addict.

* I'd like world peace...that never being possible, I'd like the U.S. to kick some serious terrorist rear end.

* I'd like my car to be randomly chosen by one of those shows that do surprise revamps on ugly cars. On second thought I'd just like my car to keep running for another year...because I don't need a 2,000,000 watt amp in the back of my "g-ride".

* I want reality TV to be outlawed and I want Jeff Probst from Survivor to be forced to publicly apologize for single-handedly ruining good TV forever. Also The guy who hosts fear factor should be publicly flogged.

* I want Wichita to tear down Joyland. Studies have shown that very little "joy" was ever experienced on that land.

* I want Wichita to teach Mayor Carlos Mayans how to properly say Wichita.

* I want it to be able to play with Legos at age 26 and still be considered cool


*I want everyone to have a great Christmas.

Aaron S.

I Miss The Far Side

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The ACLU is evil

I cannot believe the ACLU. This is the most dispicable organization to ever invade this country. They are attempting to dismantle Christ right out of Christmas all over this land. They are also attacking any school that attempts to give the slightest suggestion that possibly evolution is not the only theory for our existance out there...even "intelligent design" which has nothing to do with religion, is attacked by these hateful libs.

Believe it or not there are even stories that local ACLU chapters have supported banning green and red in public places because those colors represent Christmas which "supports religion".

Please click here to tell the ACLU that the constitution guarentees "Freedom OF religion" not Freedom FROM religion.

If I ever became a serious politician I would not rest until the ACLU was left powerless. It is nothing but a liberal front group that hates Christians, conservatives, or anyone else that doesn't think just like them...They hide behind a thin disguise pretending to uphold the constitution...when really they use activist judges to rewrite law because they are unable to win at the ballot box. They are cowards. It's ridiculous...and they will be the ones that will, and already are, laying the foundations for what will be the persecution that is coming to this great land...mark my words. They are enemies of Christ.

It makes me angry, but, that all being said, it doesn't suprise me or give me anxiety over my future...because I know the creator and I know the end of the story before it has even happened!

Let's keep our heads up...we still win in the end!

Aaron S.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Monday, December 20, 2004

The way things ought to be

First off..As you can see I changed the name of my blog to something more suitable.

But on to the subject at hand. Here's is how the government would be if I were in charge..

* Immediately the tax code would be shredded, burned, and then the ashes would be tossed in the ocean and a 15-20% flat tax would be adopted. That means that there would be no more tax forms to fill out..You take 15% of your income at the end of the year and give it to the government. A bunch of politicians would be out of work...But good, that's the idea, small government is good government. To make it more fair for the poorest among us, no one making less than $24,999 dollars would pay taxes. This is a logical, easy system that will NEVER be adopted by Washington because too many politicians love power and money.

* Congress and the president would adopt a pay-as-you-go system. They do not create a new bill, build a new statue, or even sneeze without first ensuring that it is paid for and funded in advance. This would eliminate the national debt in probably 3,000 years. Hopefully I'm well gone by then. But pay-as-you-go is the only thing that makes sense.

* Any attack on American soil would be met with fierce and unrelenting attacks on the country who sponsors such a thing. There would not be 12 resolutions in between the time when we attack. Like Churchill said, we strike first and we strike hard. The only thing the government would be allowed to spend crazy money on would be the military. We as a country would give up some of our luxuries during wartime just like they did in WWII. As Sean Hannity always says, we are the greatest most powerful country in the world, and we have abused it the least of anyone, historically and in the present.

* America would wean itself off of the U.N. until we are out completely. The U.N. now stands for United Nothings. They have stood idly by while millions and millions have died at the hands of evil people. They not only stood silent watching men, women, and children die, they have taken kick backs from dictators while the innocent deaths were happening. France was taking money from Saddam Hussein...Money that was supposed to feed the starving people of Iraq. The U.N. hates America and Israel and will NEVER and I mean NEVER allow America or Israel to defend itself. Some of the countries in the U.N. don't even put Israel on maps...They don't even acknowlege Israel's right to exist...They have even supported Arafat's notion that they be shoved into the sea. America being in the U.N. is like a black man being in the KKK. It makes no sense. We kick them out of New York and we combine with coalition of the willing to make a union of nations that WILL fight injustice, because The U.N. is a playland for evil dictators and despots...nothing more.

I think the moral of my wishlist for America is true compassionate conservativism. Caring for others on a personal level...Not creating government mediocrity for all.

Well, I hope President Bush is reading my blog.

I'll add more to this wishlist in the weeks to come..

Any comments?

Aaron S.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bumper Sticker Wisdom

Some of the wise things found on bumper stickers....

Self explanitory...

A great message to those terrorists that think killing Americans is a good idea...

How true...

One of my favorites...

Have a great day everyone!


Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Atheists Creed

We believe in Marxfreudanddarwin
We believe everything is OK
as long as you don't hurt anyone
to the best of your definition of hurt,
and to the best of your knowledge.

We believe in sex before, during, and
after marriage.
We believe in the therapy of sin.
We believe that adultery is fun.
We believe that sodomy’s OK.
We believe that taboos are taboo.

We believe that everything's getting better
despite evidence to the contrary.
The evidence must be investigated
And you can prove anything with evidence.

We believe there's something in horoscopes
UFO's and bent spoons.
Jesus was a good man just like Buddha,
Mohammed, and ourselves.
He was a good moral teacher though we think
His good morals were bad.

We believe that all religions are basically the same-
at least the one that we read was.
They all believe in love and goodness.
They only differ on matters of creation,
sin, heaven, hell, God, and salvation.

We believe that after death comes the Nothing
Because when you ask the dead what happens
they say nothing.
If death is not the end, if the dead have lied, then its
compulsory heaven for all
excepting perhaps
Hitler, Stalin, and Genghis Kahn

We believe in Masters and Johnson
What's selected is average.
What's average is normal.
What's normal is good.

We believe in total disarmament.
We believe there are direct links between warfare and
Americans should beat their guns into tractors .
And the Russians would be sure to follow.

We believe that man is essentially good.
It's only his behavior that lets him down.
This is the fault of society.
Society is the fault of conditions.
Conditions are the fault of society.

We believe that each man must find the truth that
is right for him.
Reality will adapt accordingly.
The universe will readjust.
History will alter.
We believe that there is no absolute truth
excepting the truth
that there is no absolute truth.

We believe in the rejection of creeds,
And the flowering of individual thought.

If chance be
the Father of all flesh,
disaster is his rainbow in the sky
and when you hear

State of Emergency!
Sniper Kills Ten!
Troops on Rampage!
Whites go Looting!
Bomb Blasts School!
It is but the sound of man
worshipping his maker.

--Steve Turner

Friday, December 17, 2004


This made me angry. It's a photo from the popular punk band Green Day....

I think this may have been custom made by one person... But still, Can you imagine if it had a Muslim, a Buddhist or even a Jewish person depicted. It would have made national news. The persecution of American Christians is getting less and less subtle. We have it great in this country so far. I can't help but feel for those Christians that are in countries where you can't even worship in the open. But I still think that we Americans must get ready for what is coming...I believe that the next generation of Americans may not have it as good as we do now. I encourage everyone to pray for our nation as well as the nations that are already experiencing full blown persecution. And know that no matter what happens we will survive..Not only survive, but we have already won the race! They can take our bodies but our souls are already spoken for!!


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Predictions For 2005

These shall come to pass in the next year....

* My car will finally crack up and fall apart, probably in the middle of an intersection..I will in one moment be sitting in my car, and in the next I will be sitting in the middle of 21st street holding my steering wheel with car parts all around me.

* Michael Jackson finally admits to being a 70 year old white woman.

* My friend Mark will say "ooh ooh, story everyone....", At the end of his story there will be total silence...he will then tell us about how he found five dollars...laughter will ensue.

* My friend Tim will eat a disgusting chicken sandwich from Quik Trip in my house causing the smell to billow all over the apartment. He will spend the next few hours after, eating ice.

* I will play the song Dust In The Wind on my guitar for 1000th time causing my friends to get angry and toss my guitar off of my balcony...Much crying will ensue.

* Network TV will continue its downward spiral when it comes to tasteless reality shows when NBC it introduces its new show entitled "Fear Factor for The Elderly".

* I will win the esteemed Church Janitor Of The Year award at the annual Janitor Awards. I will break down during my acceptance speech when I thank God, the academy and my homies who went before.

* The new Wichita downtown arena will open to little fanfare after the biggest name they can bring in for the opening concert is Michael Bolton...Most people who attend will leave after he sings "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You".

* I will go back to school finally and switch my major to my original which was meterology. Shortly after graduating I will reach my lifes dream when I become Mobile Unit 34 on the KFDI weather team.

* My mom and Jackie will get mad at me for making fun of my nose.

* It's my nose, I'll make fun of it if I want.

* Man that was good pie (**for Mark only).

* The liberals and the ACLU will sue so that Christmas will be forced to offically be renamed "Happy secular holiday day".

* I will get so annoyed at the amount of people who constantly quote and answer questions in the style of Napoleon Dynamite that I will search this world until I find a llama named Tina and punch it in the face.

*I will finally get up the nerve to play a guitar solo and sing during a church service, but I will immediatly be booed off the stage when I choose Dust In The Wind as my piece...Once again much crying will ensue.

* Arrested Development, The Simpsons, and Lost will continue to be the ONLY good shows on TV, although that Fear Factor For The Elderly should be good!

Maybe I will make some more predictions later....

Sorry that so many of these are inside jokes.

Please make your predictions for 2005 in your comments.

See ya round

Aaron S.

Another unseen Iraq photo

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Know Your Blogger

Fun Facts about the maker of this blog...

* He once got trapped in a truck stop bathroom for 30 minutes when he couldn't figure how to get out of the locked stall.

* He still remembers a dream he had at age 4 where cookie monster grew fangs and chased him up and down Sesame Street. Sometimes he has flash backs of this and hides under his covers.

* He didn't even know what BLOG stood for until he looked it up last night..pathetic.

* Being a huge hypochondriac since age 3, he once freaked out at a very young age because he was convinced that he had ovarian cancer after seeing a story about it on tv, obviously not knowing that he doesn't even have ovaries.

* He doesn't do drugs or drink, but he does have an unnatural addiction to chewing on paper.

* When God was handing out noses, somehow he accidently got in line twice.

* He won't eat barbecue chips because once in 10th grade he ate an entire bag of them in one sitting and spent the rest of the night with his head buried in the toilet talking to the seals.

* He has a terrible fear of flying and gets nervous even looking at planes, yet has been known to tell people that he would have no problem skydiving from a plane and is looking forward to doing it someday...what a liar.

* He cheats on video games.

* One time in 5th grade he was talking in front of the class in Sunday School and least 4 people were seen wiping off their faces in the front row. He wanted to crawl under his chair.

* He once was spanked 4 times in a row for refusing to eat carrots and still never gave in.

* He still has terrible memories of walking home crying after being kicked in the crotch by a girl after school.

* He can smell danger.

More fun facts in the near future.......

Aaron S.

Monday, December 13, 2004

My Recomendations

Man, this is going to be hard sometimes coming up with quality material to post. But I will do it!
Let me recommend to everyone some of my favorite things that I think you might enjoy. I have the best taste of anyone I know...or so I've told myself. This may be a regular feature....who knows?


Sam Cooke: Portrait Of A Legend 1951-1964
This is probably my favorite cd of all time, and I have around 500 cd's (I'm addicted). Sam Cooke is the king of Soul music, there simply is no one better. I grew up listening to "Cupid" and "Sad Mood" and so many others that just relax me and get me in a good mood. This cd is probably the best greatest hits that I have ever seen. It has his big hits and the best rarities that Mr. Cooke put out. His music career was only 13 years long after his life was cut short in a tragic way.

Fernando Ortega -- Home
I have found no better contemporary Christian singer than Fernando Ortega. He can do the newer sounding contemporary stuff, plus he is best known for doing old hymns and keeping them in their pure form. I love old hymns, they take me back to a better time and place. I simply haven't found a bad Fernando Ortega cd. He just appeals to the quiet part of me. On this album his rendition of "Pass Me Not" is breathtaking and his big hit "Give Me Jesus" is so simple and thought provoking. Go buy it today!


Tombstone -- Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, and Bill Paxton
Ok, so it's a guy movie. This is the story of Wyatt Earp and his life during and after the incedent at the O.K. Coral. This movie is far from acurate to the real story, But this classic has remained my favorite movie of all time for years and years. There are so many memorable lines("I'm your huckleberry"). I know quite a bit about the life of Wyatt Earp, and even though this movie is inaccurate in its portrayal, it still gets big thumbs up in my book.

Big Fish -- Ewan Mcgregor, Albert Finney
I just had a good time watching this movie. It's about a aged dying father who spent a life telling stories to his family and friends, big stories that he told everyone were real. His son eventually distrusted his father because he believed the stories to be false as he grew up. As his father lay dying, the son begins research to find out if his father is a fake or not. It's really just a fun movie, and I recommend it.

I think I'll leave it there. I'll post some of my favorite books in the near future...I'm sure you all will be waiting with anxious anticipation for that.

See ya round.

Aaron S.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

The 3rd Annual "Things I Hate" Awards

Sorry, but I just have to get this out of my system before the season of love and sharing comes around...

Disclaimer: I don't hate people...just certain philosophies...

#1. Liberal Democrats-- Once again the people who supposedly care about humanity, who champion themselves as "for the people" are the very ones that proved they will turn around and stab you in the back for an ounce of power. Even if you deviate from their stream of ideas even a smidge their backs will turn against you and they will literally leave you high and dry....Note...Especially if you happen to be black (i.e. Aunt Jemima, Uncle Tom). Maybe libs will start to figure out why us conservatives have destroyed them at the ballot box for the past 10 years.

#2. Rap Music -- I cannot fit my hatred for modern day rap music fully in this little paragraph. I hope rap music dies an agonizing death. It's just so silly. Back in the day when Cypress Hill and Dr. Dre and Snoop first started...Rap was cool, kind of like a novelty is at first. But now it's truly worse than country music. It's cliche, it's nasty, and it isn't even catchy anymore. Current rappers should note that the best thing that ever happen to M.C. Hammer is that he went bankrupt. He'd only have delayed and lengthened his temporary status as a laughing stock if he'd kept rapping in the mainstream...If you current "thugs" stop now you may be able to establish some sort of dignity after the initial humiliation when the novelty completely dies.

#3. People That Say That Homosexuality is Normal-- First of all I DO NOT hate homosexuals...I'm not denying that homosexuality may be from birth, I'm not denying that it may even occur rarely in the animal kingdom...What I'm denying is that it is "normal". There are many reasons why I believe homosexuality is abnormal. It goes beyond religion. In fact the main reason I find it abnormal has NOTHING to do with my religion. The parts don't fit, nor are they made to fit. It's not a functional relationship. I'm not denying that for some it may bring temporary pleasure and happiness. I just don't understand how it's concieved as normal. If there is an iota of truth to homosexuality being genetic than If anything it's a genetic flaw.

#4. Modern Country Music -- Is Kenny Chesney really even country? He's a redneck cracker, that's for sure, but would he even know what country music was if he heard it? This modern day, wannabe, pancakes and sausage country music is nothing more than men and women in skin tight leather pants and muscle shirts playing slow pop ballads and yoddling. I'd almost rather listen to U2...almost.

#5 Site Endorsed Pop Up Ad's That Cover Most Of The Page -- I get just a little T.O'ed beyond what words can describe when I am visiting a web site and then a popup, advertising some movie or the army or something, comes screaming at me blocking me from doing my business. I'm trying to click on some mindless funny picture or read an article and I have Tom Cruise in the latest movie blown up on my screen. And the worst part of it is that these ad's are endorsed by the site...They are so hard up for money that they will allow another company to supercede their own product...unbelivable.

#6 Friends, Will and Grace, and Sex and The City -- I could add so many other silly, cookie cutter, unrealistic, uncreative shows to this list. These shows go to prove once again that The Simpsons are still the only funny show on the recent addition of Arrested Development was a good one. That's about it! These idiotic producers know how to package a mindless show about elitists who live in huge lofts in New York sipping expensive coffee drinks and joking about "the latest" so that little pre-teens will run back to their friends on Friday at school and go over their show like a script with their friends. It's not funny stuff at all. It's clever....I'll give them that, but how is it any different than everything else? Creativity in music, movies and television is dead. Can the general public really be so dumb as to think another New York loft sitcom will be funny, or different? I miss Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea, Barney, The Beaver, Lucy, and even Kramer, and Jerry Seinfeld (the lone New York Loft sitcom with originality). I got rid of cable, turned off my TV, and turned on Phil Hendrie. I'd advise everyone to do similar.

#7 Applebees -- I've been only to a handful of Applebees across this country, and I am here to tell you that is one of the worst dining experiences that you will ever face. First off there are 8000 people in the resteraunt at any one time, you'd think that would mean that Applebees is popular..NO, They have been in the resteraunt waiting for their waiter to come at least greet them for the past hour and so the line at the door is piling up with unsuspecting hungry people. Apparently they have no training program for employees whatsoever. Your drink's ice will melt before it will ever be refilled. Your hamburger and/or baby back ribs will taste no different than a whopper with the excetpion of a little bit of skin still on the french fries.. But you can bet that you will find a hair in your food sometime throughout the experience. And another thing, once you get to your table you will notice that the people before you had a contest to see how sticky they can get the table, and how much crumbs can be ground into the floor....and guess what, the person that was at your seat won. Exageration's included....Applebees is quite an experience....for me to poop on.

#8 Church Potlucks -- Not everyone will be able to relate to this one. I truly dislike the bi-annual church potluck at my church. I always eat before. It's not the people, it's not the's the food. Twice a year in the church bulliten there it is...CHURCH POTLUCK: BRING TWO SIDE DISHES AND A DESSERT AND LET'S FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER. Fellowship is a wonderful thing, getting together with the saints is always good...But let's have Pizzas brought in....please! For starters the neon mystery jello salad...what's up with that? Then you have the potato dish...Is it scalloped potato's, or some sort of cassarole? But worst of all is the macaroni and cheese...Let me correct..Simple macaroni and cheese would be fine, but people decide to use this church get together to do some food experimentation. So then we get the mac & cheese & ham with bacon bits. Or the mac and cheese with pepparoni and tomatos...It's like having dinner over at Emmeril Lagasse's retarded cousins house. Don't even get me started. Then afterwards you have to sit and pray in faith that you won't die of food poisoning.

#9 Lindsey Lohan -- Uggggh... I'm so sick of the cycle of stupidity. It's time for the next teenage music/movie bubblegum crossover with a breast job that is little more than a highly paid stripper. You can set your watch by it. And now I'm supposed to be so excited by her well planned pin ups and "accidental" skirt fly-up that I rush out to buy her CD and forget that she couldn't sing if she tried. She may not have a terrible movie career, she may even sell a couple of CD's, but she will forever go down in the books as another female innocent with her naked rump shoved onto every magazine and TV Show possible. The sexual virgin. Am I the only one who sees through the gimmick of what is being sold to me? It's not just Lindsey Lohan, It's every's any band that packages songs with money in mind and maximum airplay. It's movies made with dollar signs in the eyes of those involved.....By the way, Has anyone seen the latest Entertainment Weekly with Lindsey Lohan on the cover....What a hottie!!!(j/k, irony rules)

#10 Cartoon Network's Adult Swim -- I must be getting old. I'm starting to get nostalgic lately. I miss Cheers. I miss Perfect Strangers. I miss You Can't Do That On Televsion. And I especially miss The Jetsons and The Smurfs. I used to be able to take a trip back, to see the past through the Cartoon Network. But now I get the gayest form of animation of all time almost 24 hours a day....Anime. Am I the only one that thinks that Japanimation is worse than coughing up blood? It's completely boring and unnecssary. Nobody even gets an anvil from the Acme corporation dropped on their head. The uniform Japanese characters with oversized mouths can't even eat spinach to get strong. But most of all it's not even entertaining in the slightest...not to mention completely inappropriate for children. Sure Adult Swim has more than just Anime, sure it has a couple of funny shows. But I'd trade all of that flop...funny shows and all...for Tom, Jerry, GI Joe, Speedy Gonsales, Fred, Barney...and the big brontasaurs rack of ribs that knocks over the foot powered stone-wheeled car. Sombody stop the world...cause I want to get off this ride.

People.....Popeye is missing...Lindsay Lohan is here...I have to eat neon pasta with bacon at the church potluck...Applebees is serving soilent green...The liberals are getting sadistic...and Tim Mcgraw has joined forces with Nelly to make the most annoying evil song of all time....COME LORD, EVEN NOW!!!!!!

See ya round!

P.S. I promise not to be so negative all the time...I just had to vent!